Costco and Trader Joe’s shopping…

We did our last big shop of the year yesterday, both at Costco and Trader Joes. we bought the Fondue at TJ, that’s for Christmas eve. Christmas eve is also the beginning of Hanukkha. usually we have latkes, applesauce and some thing else but sice its Christmas eve we’ll stick to our traditional fondue with veggies and bread. Of course, we’re not even Jewish or Christian but hey, I like festive, ritual things so there you have it.

At Costco, we loaded up on cheese, tamales, some champagne,etc. It was busy there but not too bad. We’re  not going back till after the new years. Plus, whatever little things we might need, milk and veggies, I’ll just go down to our little market here. We’re lucky to have this Holiday Market. their produce is mostly organic and they have lots of other organic including meats,cheeses and breads.

Today is a home day, cleaning and tidying, and some decluttering. We are in for a lot of rain tomorrow with wind. Not my favorite thing. so we’ll see.


Dinner is a Thai coconut chicken soup.

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