Dark and Cold…

Wow, it is cold out this morning @ 32 and darkish. Actually the moon is up so 5:30 isnt too dark. But lots of frost in the park.

Today I’m going in to have a GP appt. My last refill for my thyroid they hassled me about not seeing the doctor. It’s like it’s normal just refill the damn thing. Anywasy, off I go. Then depending on the mood, I’m going to go the gym and do more arm exercises.

Yesterday I did and ecart grocery shop. Really brillant. You add stuff to the cart( I did my turkey) and then click when you want it. You call when you get there and they bring it out. I was going to pay cash but then the turkey was slightly more and I didnt bring extra for some reason. I wont do it all the time but for this it was convienent.

If you want to read a good blog on the whole election thing, if youre not completely fed up with it all, go to susanbranch.com

susan branch

She has a huge following and I love her down to earthness plus her take on life. She’s an amazing artist and lives on wonderful marthas vineyard.

2 thoughts on “Dark and Cold…

  1. I guess it was because i hadn’t seen my GP in over a year , the doctor’s office wanted me to see someone. My regular doctor ( who I’ve had fro 29 years)was just diagnosed with cancer. He was kinda old school and would just refill for me. Thanks for the comment!!

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