Simple Sunday

IMG_0074.jpgI have had geat success with the dutch oven cooking.  So far I’ve made the biscuits, chicken chile verde,  cheesy potatoes, and this morning I made cowboy casserole. Which is sausage, then I sauteed peppers jalapenos and onions, then cooked the hash browns and then once all that is done ( in the dutch oven) you spread out the hash browns, cover with the sausage( !/2 left unsausaged for the veggie, then the pepper mix. then you whip up eggs, I used 5, then pour that over the hash browns, top with cheese and cook for about 35 minutes. I was amazed it wasn’t overcooked and that it cleaned out of the pan very nicely. I love this thing its great.  It’s been great to try these before camping.


It’s a beautiful day today with a nice breeze and only 88 or less. Sorry about the heat in Arizona, 118 is just crazy hot.   this whole week will be nice with temperatures slowly rising as the week goes on.

I’m going to try and do some touch up painting this week if it stays this nice plus wash the outside windows.  It’s not a huge job but it is a lot for me.

We’re watching this series ” Indian Summers”. If you can get it from the library or check Netflix, it is really terrific. it takes place in the late ’30s in India. It’s shocking the British had such an iron-clad rule.  Gandhi is spoken of but as of yet not seen. he may not but you know that the protests are starting. I’d highly recommend it.

Dinner is left over turkey chili and pintos with tortillas. I’ve decided to do a freezer/pantry eat down as I need to empty some stuff out. It’s too packed. I’m also not going to shop except for veggies or whatever is needed but not a big shop. I’ve been to Costco twice not all was food but still we have enough.


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