Monday morning

We are having lovely cool weather at least for a few more days, then back to the high 90’s. But it’s been very nice. this morning everyone’s’ off working so I blanched 8 ears of corn and then cut off the cob and froze. We don’t eat a lot of corn but I do like to add it to soups and stews.  Then I made organic long grain white rice for dinner tonight. Using the rice maker is a game changer. If you don’t have one run to Costco and get one. It makes perfect rice every time ,white, brown etc. Tonight I’m making fried rice with veggies and left over pork kabobs ( tofu for the veggie).

I’ve been looking up dutch oven camping recipes and I think it’s going to be fun to cook with a dutch oven. It’s sorta a slow cooker for camping. I sure I’ll burn a few meals, but I’ll try not to. So far, I know I’ll do a breakfast one, chili, a chicken one and  biscuits.  I hope the Lodge dutch oven shows up today. I ordered from Williams Sonoma and quite unhappy with their delivery. No tracking even though it says track your order. Nothing comes up. I sent them an email saying WTF, it’s the 21st century , surely you can track a package to a PO box.  Anyway…

The doggies are adjusting well but one of them still isn’t getting the no peeing at night .These are older dogs and should be completely trained  but now if they keep this up no coming in the house when it gets cold. For now, they’re on the sun porch but in winter that’s not insulated so either they figure it out or that’s where they’ll be.  I’m not having dog pee or poo in the house.

I’ve read some good books lately, I have to get the titles since I don’t pay attention to them to much. oh wait, one was ‘‘Britt-Marie was here’.  an interesting book about a woman,63, who finds herself ‘divorced ‘and forced to find work. Plus she’s OCD and some of it’s pretty funny.  There was another one, but the title eludes me.

I haven’t felt super great since off Velcade but I feel good and my eyes are or seem to be getting better. We have been walking 30 minutes so that’s better. Still ,feel a need to lay down around 1 or 2pm. Maybe it’ll get better. And I still have some GI issues that seem to happen . not sure what to do about that since it’s often without rhyme or reason.  One day I’ll be fine , poof the next dayI ‘m in the bathroom  3-4times. I am concerned about camping next month so I might check on getting that prescription some people use for diarrhea . I use Immodium but sometimes that makes me feel bloated and then it doesn’t always work completely.  Oh well, it’s so nice to be off Dex ,I think that’s the biggest thing no swinging up and then back down.

Well, off to the day.