Simple Sunday

Another hot day, as is the rest of the nation going thru. We have over 100 degrees all week till around Saturday. Then when we head off to Tahoe, it will drop back down to the low 90’s . since we have a house sitter coming that will make it easier for him.  My daughter will actually be coming home at night, but she works and is gone 11 hours so we thought  it best to have someone do the chores.

Our wi fi has been acting up and at first, we thought it was ATT, but now I think our router is going. Routers only last so long and this one is about 3 years old. Plus when it went out the other day, the printer wouldn’t reconnect. I spent 3 hours trying everything. Finally,I went down to staple’s bought a printer on sale. Came home and in 2 minutes, had it set up for wireless printing. So, these things happen and we just need to deal with them. I will check this week. at Best buy or have B go in to see what they have.

Tomorrow , I go for my big labs and , of course, I will anxiously await the results. I’m not too worried about these as it’s only been 4 weeks. But still, you never can tell. I don’t know if that anxiety ever goes away if you’re a cancer patient.

Dinner is chicken salad, tofu salad, sliced tomatoes, and freshly made refrigerator pickles…