Don’t send your husband out to…..

IMG_0058    buy an instant read cooking thermometer.  This is what he brings home.  Now honestly, did I look like I needed my temperature taken.  I was in the middle of making crockpot yogurt when my instant read cooking thermometer fell in the milk.  So, I texted him to get me a new instant read thermometer.  Well,he tried really !!!! And, I still love him for the effort.

6 thoughts on “Don’t send your husband out to…..

  1. Hahahaha! This reminds me of the time I sent my husband food shopping with pitted canned olives on the list. He couldn’t figure it out! He thought it was the olives WITH the pits! Got all confused and came home without the olives all together! They are funny! Gotta love ’em!!!

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