Monday stuff

We’re almost ready to leave tomorrow. I still need to do the food and some clothes. The tent trailer is all cleaned out by B. The weather still looks mostly nice thru the week but possible rain/showers on Friday.

Hopefully, the chickies and cats do okay. A friend of my son is going to stay here and do the regular chores as my son is literally at school all day and evening. He doesn’t even get home til 10pm so we really needed someone to put he chickens away etc. We are paying him so it is a win/ win deal.

I haven’t started a new book yet. I have 3 my daughter brought home from the library but haven’t started. Sometimes it’s good to take a break especially since I do read a lot!!

last night we had enchilada bake with tofu that needed using up. And refried beans. Tasty !Tonight, I’m not sure, maybe spaghetti with marinara and I have meatballs too. Or ????

the budget is still tight but doable. Everything is paid for the month except Verizon which is automatic  and the water bill both come out @ the 26th. After reading back through Gail Vaz- Oxlade book ‘Debt Free Forever’ i decided to use cash envelopes again. She uses the ‘magic jars’ but I like the envelopes better. Same idea. I used cash yesterday for the chicken food and cat food.  I’m not sure how it’ll be as I’ve done this before. I think generally I underestimate the budget items and then there’s not enough in the envelopes. Since our budget is pretty limited anyway, sometimes it’s hard to do enough in the categories. I’ve been trying to pay a little extra on the car payment(principal) and our second. I would like to get both under 20,000 by the end of the year. It seems once their under 20 the motivation will be even stronger to get them done. They have to be gone by the time B retires. So we are definitely on a limited time frame.  We cannot have a car payment when the retirement rolls around. And we won’t be able to do the house payment unless my daughter decides to do a portion in which case basically she would then be investing in this house for her future. Looking back is 20/20 hindsight and there are many financial mistakes we made. All we can do is go forward and be realistic about what we’re going to be able to do.  Of course, there’s the big question of my health and how my treatments go in the future.

Well, on to the day. I have the bedroom zone to clean, and I have to get my next set of Invisalign from the dentist. f