Thursday Stuff

My doctor appt went well yesterday. No surprises,which I love, and then my shot went well too. All in all, in and out in around an hour. That’s a pretty good turn around.  We were going to go into the Walmart that’s on the way home just for cat food but decided to wait.

We stopped and share a coffee and roll at our local bakery that I had a gift card to. So no out of pocket expense there. Out budget really sucks right now.  We are just barely towing the line. So I’m seriously hoping going back to envelopes will help this month. Also, being realistic about what I put in the envelopes. I’m still going to have to pull something out of savings to cover the amount for the first months bills. I am also really hoping B gets a bonus in June so I can put all that back in the savings. But onward and upwards.

Our weather is going to get nicer and nicer hitting even 80 this weekend. Very nice except for the pollen.

Today I’m going over to the Koffee Klatch to see if anyone show up. I haven’t been in  two weeks so it’ll be nice to catch up.

Just finished another historical fiction about MFK Fisher. It’s an interesting book about her first marriage and then her love affair with another man, who was the love of her life. The writing style isn’t really compelling but I liked because of the content. MFK Fisher really brought the world of writing about food to a new level and for that I like it. I have read some of Fisher’s books and found them very difficult to read. So this gave me some insight into her life. The Arrangement

I wouldn’t buy this book, but glad I got it from the library.