It went well.

So I drove to Sacramento by myself in the old vanIMG_0259IMG_0392 and it went well. Traffic was not to bad since it was past the morning rush. I got hooked up with an IV quickly and soon Zometa was coursing into my blood stream. I also got my last Velcade shot of this cycle.I took some Tylenol when I got home.  I came home and took the evil dex and then rested for a few hours.

Finally, we called down to check on the VW. It was ready. B took it for a ride and we still need more miles on it to reset. This morning though as we drove out to the park, the airbag light was on showing a malfunction. WTF with this garage . Every time we bring it there it has another issue pop up.

So today , I’m going to drive to the koffee klatch but probably wait till tomorrow for a longer drive. It’s better to not do too much on the second day of dex.

Our beautiful weather is turning to clouds and showers for the next week it looks like. Not bad.We have some garden in ( oh, that’s my daughter who does).  The chickie babies are getting bigger but still not ready to mix with the big girls. Probably when we’re back from camping at New Brighton State Park.


Thoughts on a life well lived

I just finished reading another bloggers post   down to earth . I really got a lot out of her blog. She’s a little older than me but has similar thoughts about life. She lives in Australia and has published a number of Home books for simplifying,cooking ,sewing .

I think she sums up very well things about getting older. More aches and pains, can’t do things like we use to. Accepting this with grace is the key I think. I’ve had a hard time this past year trying to figure out where I am in my life. I don’t have a career as such and really never had a full-time job. I have a graduate degree in counseling but never really used it. Plus last year was tough with Pomalyst not working and side effects.

It’s a good read, check it out. It helped me put things in a more positive light. Especially about being a SAHM and other choices I’ve made plus other choices that we’re made for me( getting laid off from the best little job in the whole world)