Just Keep Walking update and is this neuropathy??

So we have about 44 days till June 1st and reaching our 3-year mark of walking EVERY DAY. I don’t see any reason to stop, so it’ll be onwards to year 4. Right now sunrise is 6:29 am so we are getting out earlier and probably that will keep going. Walking now around 6:05 am.

But with this last cycle of Velcade it seems I’ve had a lot of leg and feet issues. I know my leg muscles often feel kinda spongey but I think that’s the dex as this has been kinda ongoing for a long time. My leg muscles never seem to feel stronger as a result of walking but if I didn’t walk I’d hate to think how it would be. Hence ,the need to keep walking.

But over the last month,there’s been more achiness in my legs especially at night plus tingling in my feet and some burning sensation. I’ve never had neuropathy so I’m not sure if this is it. Plus it seems restless leg syndrome fits how my legs often feel. Since to complicate matters,I’ve had foot issues with bone spurs and a nerve that causes some numbness in my big toe joint. I saw a podiatrist last year and she gave me a cortisone shot in that area and it helped a tiny bit but not much. She recommended a surgery which I’m not doing at least not.

So, is this neuropathy?? I’m going to go get some B-complex vitamins plus alpha lipic? something.Pat Killingsworth recommended those two things. Are there any other thoughts. ? I’m going to emessage my doctor and at least let him know.

My first labs came in and all my WBC, RBC platelets etc look terrific so I’m happy about that. I’m waiting for the SPEP and light chains to come in probably tomorrow. We had lowered my dex to 16 mg so hopefully, that didn’t impact anything.

So any ideas if this is the beginning of neuropathy? I’m due to start Velcade cycle 5 in 2 weeks. that gives me 2 weeks to see if it gets better, or worse, or stays the same.

2 thoughts on “Just Keep Walking update and is this neuropathy??

  1. As a retired nurse I have a couple thoughts. What you describe does sound like neuropathy to me. The burning and tingling anyway….not sure about the muscle issues. Also wondering about the dex you take. Steroids can raise blood sugars and high blood,sugars can lead to neuropathy. Are they watching your blood sugars? If it hasn’t been checked in awhile would be good to check fasting blood sugar or hgba1c test.
    So proud of you for walking every day. I have finally gotten off my butt and am walking 4 to 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Feels good and I’ve lost 10 lbs. I haven’t been commenting much but I read all your posts. Wonderful that your meds have been working so well. Take care.

  2. Hi Marilyn,
    That is so great you’re walking and you lost weight. When I started that first year , I lost weight too. Then , unfortunately, I just leveled out. I think for me the weight loss is tied to needing to do more or up the stakes. Yes, thanks for the input as a nurse. I do get my blood sugar checked on my CBC, but not as a fasting test. In the past, the fasting test has been normal. It’s weird with this foot and leg problem. I think it is neuropathy but only in a mild manner and it’s worse at times during the day and then oddly, walking helps. I picked up the B vitamins today, and magnesium and alpha-lipoic, which are all suppose to help. I was so glad to hear from you and glad you’re doing well.

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