Velcade and Trader Joe’s

IMG_0203.JPGOff to Sacramento this morning in the old van. She did great and traffic was flowing. they are very quick in there and I got right in. I stopped at the nurses station to tell her about my eye issue. Over the last month, my eyes have really been dry and somewhat itchy. Monday my left eye was really bothering so I called my eye doctor and got in yesterday. He said its styes probably caused by my lower immune system. He put me on a very short course of antibiotics. Both eyes are affected. My daughter thinks( and she’s usually right), that since my eyes are so dry they are not producing tears and therefore, allowing bacteria or particles into my eyes, at least around my eyelid. So I’m going to get some different eyedrops tomorrow that is to help with that. I guess we will see (no pun really) how that works. At least, I know what is going on.

We leave for Santa Barbara on Sunday so I hope it’s better. The weather doesn’t look fabulous but ok. I was hoping for 70 degrees or so but it looks like more in the 60’s. Last time it was lots of fun although this time we don’t need to go see the mission etc. But the beach trail is wonderful and so is the main street and I hope we can hit the farmers market, which is incredible. It’s a long drive from us, @ 7 hours so….

It’s dex afternoon and I’m going to cook something easy for dinner. Chicken with a Trader joes curry sauce and rice.  After my shot, I drove up to Trader Joes which is right on the way home. I loaded up with tons of food and snacks too. Another blogger,, recommended the organic riced cauliflower so I bought a bag. Not too sure what I’ll do with it but I think she used it for rice.

Above picture, with coffee!!!

Then, I’ve been wanting a Chemex coffee maker to make coffee after the morning pot is gone. They run around 50.00 or so for the 8 cup. Yesterday, I had seen World market had all their coffee makers at 30% off. So a great deal. So I went there after Trader Joes. The 8 cup was priced at $43.00 then with the 30% off it was like $23, then I had printed a coupon for 15% off the total purchase. I didn’t think it would go as the it was already on sale. But it did. Plus I got the special filters and a white cream pitcher. The total came to just over $30.  That’s a great deal…..

Tomorrow I may drive up to Truckee with my daughter, as she has her staff meeting. But it depends how I feel. I ‘d like to see the snow.


6 thoughts on “Velcade and Trader Joe’s

  1. Love seeing your Chemex! We had one for years back when we were first married (nearly 37 years ago), but it broke and we were living overseas and couldn’t get filters anyway (in the days before Amazon) so we switched to an electric. But, we went back to Chemex about six years ago and will never leave – the coffee is just too darn good!

    I miss Trader Joe’s so much, but thankfully have friends that bring me things whenever they come from the mainland. The curried chicken over rice is one of our favorite dishes.

    Hope your eyes respond to the new treatment and are feeling better soon!

    • Thanks Laura,
      We are of the same generation. !! Back in our hippy days we used the porcelain coffee top and filtered coffee into a ball jar. They actually had the porcelain top but I wanted to go back to the chemex! It was great coffee! I had a lot of fun at Trader Joes today. I wonder why they’re not in Hawaii ? It seems they would do a great business. Thanks, about the treatment… It was kinda funny.. You know how they always ask about’ well, what fun thing are you up to today’ , so ,I go well apart from just getting my chemo shot in sacramento… So the poor guy looks a little shocked… I say it’s fine really. Not bad at all!
      I think it’s very admirable you’re trying vegan. I usually make it 3 days before I see scrambled eggs in my dreams!!!

    • Laura,
      I’d be happy to box you up stuff and send in a priority large box. Let me know, as I said I’m passing by there now almost weekly and I’d love to get you some things you might want.

  2. I had a little giggle cuz you want to see some snow….I’ve got lots here….wish I could send it to you!
    I love Trader Joe’s but don’t shop there very often. The closest one is about an hour from me.
    Dry eyes….I have had problems with dry eyes ever since I had cataract surgery. I use lubricant drops during the day and a lubricant ointment for nighttime. Otherwise I wake up in the morning and feel like I am peeling off a layer of my eyeball when I open my eyes. My eye Dr keeps suggesting tear duct plugs for this. I don’t like that idea…just sounds icky, and I sometimes feel he just wants to do another procedure for the $$.
    Very happy for you that Velcade is going well.

  3. Hi Marilyn,
    I’d love to see your snow pictures!! I get my labs on Friday, so I’ll know by next Wednesday if there’s a further drop in my numbers. I hope so, it’s encouraging. I’m going to go get some different drops at cvs today, maybe artificial tears? What do you use. .?
    I love Trader Joes . It’s about 25 minutes from my house, but now I’m going to sacramento 3 weeks out if 4 , it’s right on my home!

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