A crazy Monday

So its been a crazy but fun Monday.

We get down to Mercy cancer center at 8:15 ready for the first velcade shot.

Theres been no authorization yet from the insurance, so an hour and a half later, I get my first shot. Didn’t feel a thing so thats good. I’ll get some aloe vera cream to put on it tomorrow.

WE then were starving having left the house at 7:11 am, so hit Starbucks and then shopped Trader joes. Got some great dinner stuff.

I’m home now and first had to deal with some paper work regarding my old student loans( Nelnet is a PITA). But now i’m relaxing and going to clean a little and start decorating a christmas tree.

So, I’ll update how I feel with this shot as the days go by….


2 thoughts on “A crazy Monday

  1. It was pretty lousy overall…. I had the cheddar egg thing and ugh not again.. But we didn’t want to go to a regular place as I’d just had the first shot.
    Which Im happy to report went fine.
    Be glad you’re a psychiatrist and not a hemologist / medical oncoligist.
    Oh, BTW, my husband’s father was a psychiatrist and his uncle who was quite well known at the U of A… Dr Neumann . Of course , this was in the 1970’s. Ha, ha!!
    Plus both of us graduated from UOf A in the 1970’s
    Small world …

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