The ongoing decluttering and minimalism.

imageimageOur house is small. Very small, under 900 sq feet and laid out awful. It was built in 1949, with a crummy foundation, mostly no insulation etc. when we moved here 20 years ago, no one had lived here for 7 years. It was owned by the nephew of the old man who died. Truly I think now we were nuts. Piles and piles of junk, and more junk. Huge piles of pine needles probably from 20 years. The water pipes broke as soon as we turned on the water. God, what were we thinking. I had a one year old and a 10 year old. What ,was I nuts. ???

But we did it. We’ve come a long way and I’d say it’s a cute bungalow/ house. No real description.

Now, I’m totally into minimalism. And white paint. Not sure about the white paint but maybe as many other bloggers I read who decorate, white is easy to touch up and keeps things fresh. I like different shades. Navajo white is creamy, the kitchen is in Simply White, which I adore.

But, I feel there is too much furniture. I hate feeling crowded. Our front room is also our dining room and where the TV is. So what should I do.  The table needs to stay. I have a Heywood wakefield hutch for my pine cone ware. That stays.


imageSo I’m thinking to get rid of one of the arts and crafts brown chairs.  But maybe I should do the Poang ( IKEA ) chair! Any ideas!?

13 thoughts on “The ongoing decluttering and minimalism.

  1. your pics aren’t full enough. is there anyway you can take one pic of the whole room. first impression from what you present: too many chairs around the fireplace. don’t the wood chairs get hot when fire up and running? shouldn’t there be more room around the fireplace so the heat can circulate more?
    you asked. i responded. first impression.
    everything else looks adorable and comfy cozy.
    good luck.

    • I’ll try to step back. But if you turn with each picture that’s about the size of the room.
      Yes, we don’t keep a chair ( the poang ) in that spot as our wood holder goes there. So, that chair will need to go. The other brown one we move back some. The stove is very heat efficient so the heat is more all around. ( probabably not saying that right). I guess I’d like to have the white couch and one chair . We don’t ever entertain so there’s no need for multiple chairs. Although, my sister is coming in from Connecticut in 10 days so…. Maybe I should wait.
      The TV is on a Heywood wakefield wishbone table, and I kinda realized it was getting too much sun , so I put that barkcloth on it. Maybe a smaller TV table would open that area up??

      • is that a flat screen TV? If so, buy a mount and attach it to the wall. Great space saver. I lived in 912 sq ft. It’s tricky but doable. When your sister comes over (or others) have foldable, stackable chairs that can be stored in a closet, basement etc. Keep thinking, looking and constantly declutter to it seems just about right.

  2. The chairs were part of when I was trying to do the arts and crafts thing!! Ha, they need to be recovered and I’m not too clever that way. The poang chair( IKEA) I got recently thinking less of a foot print. Actually the dark wood chairs were in the studio, but then my son(21) moved out there so in they came….
    I like YNAB , it’s good to see the budget laid out. I can’t say it’s really helped me with budgeting but I like to play with the numbers. Last month my husband got a bonus, so I was actually able to budget most of the next months bills. Normally I would just put it in savings for annual bills, but I wanted to try this.
    Ynab has a 30 day free trial, so do that. I bought mine when it first came out and had to pay for the upgrade a few years ago.

  3. Thanks, the vintage Bob dylan poster is my husbands and I took it down, but it does look a little empty now. Also, the grateful dead albums framed are sort of classic. I took them down too, just to look at it differently. I am loving my white kitchen!!

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