An interrupted life

We all know that Tom Brokaws’ book is coming out next week. He was on dateline last night and it is supposedly quite good. I’ll watch it sometime time today. It’s pretty great that the word Myeloma is even out there now on national TV. Most people don’t have a clue, or they think melanoma ( no it’s not skin cancer)! But, all of us with myeloma have had our lives interrupted . Some more so than others. The young mom who wonders if she’ll see her kids grow up. The corporate executive at the height of his/her career.

Or just ordinary people like me that was just just living my life, homeschooling my son, and one day a compression fracture. Then, undiagnosed for a year and a half, the bomb drops. And my life is seriously

interrupted with chemo weekly, dex, who know what else radiation, finally a 3 week hospital stay for a SCT.

a year of my life, interrupted.

All of us with multiple myeloma have had an interrupted life. Some didn’t make it even with the best care. I think about them all the time.

Im glad that a famous person can help put a face to myeloma and help educate people. Recently the acclaimed author Ivan Doig died from myeloma . I wonder how much this was in the news. .? Iwould hope that someone like Tom Brokaw wouldn’t feel he can’t reach out on the beacon or the othe support groups simply because he’s famous. So what, we’re all in the same boat, and I would hope we would all treat him like a fellow  warrior  or survivor or what ever we, all leading interrupted lives.

3 thoughts on “An interrupted life

  1. I can see how it must seem like your life has been interrupted. You are really living with a chronic illness. People often think of cancer ( like breast cancer) of having surgery, doing chemo, etc. and then cancer free and you can put it behind you. Sadly, that is not true for a lot of cancers. I missed Tom Brokaws interview but I will definitely read his book. Hugs

  2. You have to remember that the reason these celebrities are wheeled out to explain their story is simply money and recognition.brokaw isn’t doing it for MM patients…it’s to stay in the main lights. He is no different, for better or worse, that the thousands of patients with MM. Why does his story pick up momentum??? No other reason than a book sale or a contract to be re-newed. If he had raw, unedited photos of his pic-line in the centre may even sell another 100000

    • You’re probably right since he is so well known. How about a picture of me with no hair, throwing up in a pan at the hospital, with a main line hooked up to a machine). Sorry just being sarcastic.
      I guess if it makes people more aware of myeloma then it’s a good thing. But he certainly had a privileged experience especially with the private jet flying him back to NY.

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