Wednesday budgeting

I’ve been working on the budget for May. So far okay. We’re still spending on spring gardening stuff, but some of that is soil, fertilizers and stuff to make the garden do better. So an investment really. Food costs are high but not over budget yet, but it’s still early in the month. We did a huge Costco trip a week ago, and I will still need a few Costco things next week. We have a once a year fire assesment  tax which is

being challenged but still have to pay it. I’m diligently working on building the one savings account to cover our fall big expenses. Insurance and property tax. It’s always the unexpected stuff that throws us off and the refrigerator is really making a loud clunking noise when it goes off. Humm do we wait or try and get something sooner??

Then my son is going to go to school next fall and take 20 units to finish is AS degree. He thinks he doesn’t want to work and just focus on this. So if this is the case we will need to give him gas and spending money. His grant covers all his classes so we’re lucky there. If I feel good enough I could work an extra shift a week and that would cover it. So, I guess we’ll see.

I’m off for a dental hygienist treatment and have one tooth checked. I swear if I need another root canal I will scream. I’m hoping it’s just a cavity that was there before but we didn’t do anything then. Next week I have my first Zometa treatment I’m almost a year, so I have to do that. But that means no dental work for at least a month. So, we’ll see.

Its suppose to rain tomorrow and I’m suppose to get my pomalyst delivered too. It means waiting around all day as its signature required.

I should be getting my LLS insurance refund too. It’s not much but it helps and they do so much including paying my Pom copay which has gone up to $45. Pom is even more expensive than revlimid.

Well, off to vacuum and then town.

One thought on “Wednesday budgeting

  1. I think you are doing better than us with budgeting. We don’t have much emergency fund to speak of. Something always happens and then we tend to use credit cards….big mistake! I hope your dentist appt goes well. Hugs

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