Memory page 5

Somewhere I think I missed 3 but I saw 4, so here goes. We ended 1972 on sad note with b’s sister suicide. The next year B graduated from Uof A. His degree was in forestry from the school of Agriculture. We had some very weird moves including living in an attic for a few months and during that time ( it was thanksgiving), decided we would fast for thanksgiving. That didn’t go over well, but we did it. Then we lived in a house share with a strange man and that didn’t work. Finally , we found a nice apartment way out on fort Lowell. Back then this was the edge of Tucson. We road our bikes to campus which was @ 3 miles at least away. But, it was a great place. We even had a little garden. B was working part time as a fire fighter for the forest service. Actually he was part of the Helitack crew which was was very elite and first response. I was working for a while for Pima county parks and recreation teaching PE to little kids. B was done with school and I had my last year. We were in counseling with Dr Gary Gruver who became a good friend. He was a quadriplegic and a PHD at the university. B did all his yard work and he was a good friend.
Then I finished school, and we didn’t really have much direction. I went to work at Walgreens after a few disasters , including being house parents to juvenile delinquent Indians. That did not go well. In some ways, I wonder what would happen if we stayed in Tucson. I had a good job with Walgreens and we had found a truly wonderful house in first avenue. But change was in the wind.
This then would be the summer of 1974.
I graduated with a degree on psychology and that was a huge accomplishment. I was the first person in my family to ever go to college.
Life was pretty good , but I don’t think we had much real focus or direction.
So, when 1975 rolled around and the opportunity for B to work for the Tahoe national forest, full time but not permenant career we decided to do it.
It was a risk, as it wasn’t permenant but we did it sight unseen. In some ways I still wonder if staying in Tucson and finding careers and buying a house there would have changed the course of our lives. But 20/ 20 is perfect, and I guess that’s all you can say. We just didn’t have the lets settle down gene happening, nor kids, nor career and make money. We just were hippies living the best we knew how with very little. No family support, no real guidance. Just us, being in love and living in the moment.
I’ll update from there in memory page 6 soon.

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