Holiday countdown

Well, I’ve got everything for thanksgiving done. Need to make the vegetarian nut loaf today and refrigerate and then bake Wednesday. I bought a pie at Costco and rolls. Both I just don’t bake. We’ve got a nice natural Mary’s turkey. I don’t do a lot of sides. Mashed potatoes ,done, yams , I’ll bake Thursday. Then homemade cranberry sauce, vegetarian stuffing and green beans. That’s it. I do a non meat gravey and I’ll probably make one batch today and refrigerate. I’ve learned over the years to KISS. Then we like to go for a walk in the park. Since we don’t have tv there’s no football or?
Since we don’t have any family it’s just us 4 and sometimes my brother show up. But being single he gets tons of invites.

So I’m almost done with Xmas shopping. I need a few GC for our garbage guy and UPS guy and I always bring cookies from Costco to the USpS office. There’s very little to go under the tree as my son is buying a fancy PC and we’ve just given him money to help buy it. My daughter has a few things and then wants a graphic card. My husband is getting a chain saw. And I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted already. The food scale for my bread making, a tortilla press, some candles and other odds and ends. I’ve gone over budget with extra stuff. I did that last year too. I have my basic budget but it’s the extras that take me over ,so next year I’ve got to put this in.

We also do Hannukha too, no, we are not Jewish , were atheists, but I love lighting the menorah and we do silly gifts. This maybe the last year we do it since no one is too into it anymore but me.

Today I’m off to walmart for some sweats and then to target as they have pj’s on sale and my daughter could use a pair.
I was kinda hoping we could get a new flat screen TV as Costco has some great deals in the $500 range. But I’ll have to see , since our expenses are pretty high with house insurance, property taxes, and my sons dental surgery for wisdom teeth( our co pay is @700, we think. Plus he needs to buy books for next semester. So, not sure a tv will fit it.

I have a good load to got the thrift store and then I’m going to keep decluttering anything that I don’t really love or have intentional use for. If we have to sell in 2-3 years when we can’t afford the increased house payment, ( our modification plan was to increase % rate incrementally), we need to keep unloading stuff. As I’ve said the house is fairly minimal but there’s still places outside, in the barn, laundry room that need serious cleaning out. A lot of it is my sons Legos,Star Wars stuff and then camping stuff and so on. Some is just stuff he wants and when he moves out goes with him as I’m not storing it for him.
I keep working our retirement budget, and just don’t see the numbers adding up to stay here. The big thing next year is to make as much progress paying off the work car. He gets a gas stipend and partial reimbursement so I need to look at can we send all of that in to pay on principal. If that’s paid off it frees up a lot of money a month.
So, onward and upward.
I’m mid cycle with revlimid. I way over did last week on dex day and totally flipped out my L1 bulging disc and was in serious pain in my right leg for 3 days. It’s better now, but I took it easy yesterday. It’s a little sore today so I need to be so careful. We’ll see how this cycle goes and where my numbers are by mid December.

One thought on “Holiday countdown

  1. I’ve been looking at “the numbers” too. Looks like I am in it for at least 10 more working years. Like you I have health issues so I just keep my fingers crossed! Feel better!!

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