Just keep walking project update !

We are on day 526 of the JKWP. Everyday… I’m still only doing less than 2 miles a day of intentional walking but I do take extra steps all day. I’ve never tracked that so that could be interesting. It’s been glorious at the park. I’m all alone. No nasty dogs or people:)
Update on trees dying from bark beetle. It looks like there’s one one going. Geez, I think that’s 5 or 6 and my husband thinks the huge sugar pine might be infected too. We will just have to wait and see how many are going in the end. If they move closer to the house we’ll need to do something sooner than later.

I didn’t feel great last night. This seems to happen occasionally. I get home from work, I’m fine and then either a headache or stomach upset. Not sure what that is. I feel ok this am, but my stomach still feels a little off.

Here’s my latest bread effort. I’m using the recipe from Tartine bakery in SF.
It came out great and I bought a scale to measure the flour!

It went well !!

It was a long day but it went well. I did transit, and the book drop was ginormous.
But I did not have diarrhea and so that’s as good as it gets. It was busy at first but them slowed down . S made the lasagna and it was good.

Tomorrow back at the library and finish stuff. It’s a shame that I as a extra help is not given the same value as a clerk. We do all the same work, run the branch but are not given the same status. Honestly , it sucks.

Oh well, I’m glad to have the extra income for now. I’m off to bed as it was an early 5 am wake up call.

Tuesday work and the week ahead!

I’m at the library alone this week as my co worker is at Disneyland. It’s nice to do shifts alone. Thursday the other person will fill in but I’ll do Friday and Saturday too. There’s always stuff to do, transit, book drop, etc. but it’s nice to go at an easy pace. Today is the longer day and it’s somewhat tiring and I get a little nervous about GI issues. I have some immodium to take when I get there. I have a light salad for lunch. I try not to eat too much there because of the GI stuff. But, if I need to run to the bathroom , I put out the “I’ll be right back” sign. I’m so lucky since this is probably the only branch I could do this in. Plus we have a sink right in our work back area so I can keep my hands constantly washed.

My walk was nice this morning , no one there to start. I like the early time now.
My foot is still bothering me but I have to wait to see the podiatrist.

I’ve got a new bread recipe I’m making. It’s from Tartine bakery in SF. It’s not a no knead per say, but relatively easy. Oh, I bought an early Christmas present for my self. All bread bakers who are serious WEIGH there flour. So I dragged B to crate and barrel on Sunday and got an oxo scale. Very nice and I’m hoping to take bread making to a new level it’s sort of my passion right now.
I also put together a lasagna at 7 am to bake when I get home at 5pm.

I just finished reading ” the life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo
This is a fun book and I did get some great ideas from it, mostly, when you pick up item in your house, is there a spark of joy you get from it. If not out it goes. I did a little deeper decluttering with this and liked it.

Dignity in Death

I just wanted to post briefly, that I thought it was an amazingly brave act that the young woman in Oregon did. She knew there was no Hail Mary save coming, she knew there wasn’t much time left, she knew it was the end. It was an act of courage and bravery. May she rest in peace and know her family still has the best memories to hold.