Memorial Day !

A big thank you to who have served and died in service. My brother was killed in Vietnam . I always thought what a waste of a war and still do. But he is and all the other men and women still need to be thanked for their service.

We are really on count down to 1 year JKWP .  Three days left. Very excited. We’re still going to go into year two of the JKWP , and we’ve come up with maybe making it a thousand miles in a year. I’ll have calculate what that would be weekly, monthly and see how possible it is.

Today, I’m dropping stuff off at the thrift store and doing a 15 minute start in the barn. My son is finished with his semester so I expect him to help. He starts summer school in two weeks so it’s now or never. B got rid of all the cardboard yesterday , so will see how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day !

  1. I have a pedometer app on my phone that tracks miles of each walk and then sends a weekly total so you could track your annual miles. I walk 2 miles a day but that won’t be a 1000 a year -good goal!

  2. I’ve only been walking 2 miles too. Partly due to back issues(compression fracture years ago). But I want to increase some. I’m not sure the 1000 miles will work as I figured out today that’s 3 miles a day . That puts it at 1095. So I think I’m just going to keep walking… Ha ha…

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