A simple life

Since we’ve gone to a more minimalist lifestyle, I’d say our lives are simpler. We have less stuff to clean, less stuff around to take care of.

We’ve always been influenced by simplicity even from the time we were first married and Quakers. I think it’s a progression in life with kids houses etc, to get more stuff and accumulate things. We still live in a very small house, but there’s less stuff. Okay, the barn still has stuff, but not too much. 

I live a simple life. I never am overly busy and never over commit. I’m always a little taken back when people say how busy they are. It’s like, wait, you have a choice. I chose to have lots of time just for me, reading, walking, cooking.  I’d like our finances to be even more simple so I’m trying to pay more on our mortgage but most of the time we have just what we need to pay the bills with a little left over. It’d be nice if we didn’t have a mortgage but that’s not what it is. So, we try and live simply with what we have. We don’t have cable or cc bills. If I use a cc it is paid right away( almost) so there’s no interest and we get points. 

I think that’s the key with living a simple life, do what you can with what you have. Don’t add more stuff, debt or time constraints.

Some things that have helped me are:

getting up early@ 5am is nice

a regular daily walk

decluttering constantly

organizing what we do have so we know where things are and they’re labeled.

a daily housekeeping ,for example, I wipe the bathroom daily, the kitchen counters are kept clean and empty, process one load of laundry daily, use fly lady’s zones on the house. There’s probably other stuff but that’s the basics. 

Life is a journey and it’s all about learning how to live with who you are. 

6 thoughts on “A simple life

  1. I see your point, but busy isn’t always a “choice”… i’d love to live a very simple lifestyle and do simplify as much as I can, but with 4 kids, not so easy. lol! 😉

    • Totally understand! My youngest is 19 almost 20 , so I don’t have young children like you. But we did home school, as you do , and it did help with not being tied to a public school schedule. Plus, I don’t have a home business like you do… You do an amazing job with your sewing, family , and life!

      • Thank-you, but I don’t think I do…. i’ve been reading some posts lately and think that i’ve spread myself too thin trying to please everyone at once.. i’m starting to see that it’s just not possible. 😦

  2. I do so enjoy your posts. I guess part of it is because, at my old age, I realize that “stuff” is a real time consumer & energy drain. I am trying to get rid of everything that I don’t love or don’t use. It has been a real goal of mine to do this before I get so ill with MM that I cannot do it. I am making progress & trying to simplify our lives so when I’m not here anymore it won’t be so hard for my husband to keep going. I have gotten rid of lots of personal items & furniture that was only crowding the house & now I’m starting on the bills. The one thing that I am struggling with is cable which should not be such a big deal since we only have it on from 4 to about 9pm. I am trying to find a replacement but have not quite succeeded yet. What do you use–streaming TV (I know you still have children at home). We have internet access & spend most of our time on the Internet so it should be easy for us to “stream” but we have not cut the cord yet. I am really enjoying the more simply life style with not so many belongings to mess with though. Keep up your posts–I love them.

    • Hi Barbara ,
      I think that was definitely a motivation for me too. I don’t want my husband or kids to have to deal with lots of stuff. It has helped. I’ve even told him how to work the house payments after I’m gone. I’m not sure he could stay in this house but I know he’d like too.
      Cutting cable is hard,but now we have hulu and netfex and stream with a roku box. So there’s lots to watch. You’ll probably need some time to adjust but then it’s like you don’t miss it.
      How is your husbands treatments going.? Have you started your yours.?
      Best to you.

  3. We are both doing well. My husband is doing alternative treatment with enzymes & some liquid treatment he found in Outsmart your Cancer book. He is being monitored by a holistic Doctor here. I am still seeing my Oncologist on a 2 month basis & am taking holistic enzymes & a pill that seems to be keeping this under control at the moment. My M spike had gone down some but I haven’t had a test for 2 months now. I go in again in June so that will tell me whether this is covering the MM or I will have to start treatment if the M spike has risen. Still no symptoms or pains from the MM. I did have a slight fever & a tummy ache for a couple days last week from a virus that Bill brought home from his work. Now am fine again. Very strange–I would not know there was anything going on if not for the Lab work.
    I am going to give Hulu & Roko a shot cause I am so sick of paying for cable every month.
    Will keep you posted on our alternative meds & wishing you all the best in good health.

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