I went and picked up my prescriptions at the local pharmacy. 

Then I headed to Costco. I got there and waited a few minutes till they opened. I spent @ $200 and that included champagne to celebrate  our JKWP 1 year….I got home had some lunch and then I had to work at the library for a few hours till closing. Tomorrow , I’m opening ,so I’ll get some extra hours. 

All in all a good week. 

Today is really nice ,the temperature is @75


2 thoughts on “Costco

  1. I agree, we love Costco ! But now, I’m pretty careful about over spending. We’ve done their car quotes and our new Santa Fe was bought with their price quote that the dealer will honor. BTW!,where in NY are you. We grew up in Monroe and highland mills?.. Are you in upstate ?

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