Sunday updates

So exciting, there are now only 10 days left in the JKWP (just keep walking project). Still haven’t decided how year 2 will be. I think i will keep it simple though, JKWP year two. We’ve walked through snow, rain, wind, sun, in the dark, and even while on vacation. Pretty cool.

So, I’m off dex this week and revlimid. Nice to have the week off. Tomorrow I have my blood test and then see the doctor Wednesday . Hopefully everything is the same.  It’s always stressful to wait for blood tests. But, even if I go up it’s still in the same range.

Our budget is still pretty thin. Not from camping as that money comes from our combined $5 savings. But extras, AAA due Costco due, fire tax due, so it’s a stretch.

I’m off to clean the refrigerator and do some fly lady stuff. I really wanted to go to ikea today but that would just mean spending money. I have a lot of groceries to get as I’ve cleaned out the pantry and fridge. So, it’s Costco, trader joes, and winco this week.


Friday financials

Wow, we still have money going out and for some reason all these misc bills coming in. The fire tax, a medical copay??,not sure why this is coming in, my sons extra class money for the fall semester, our propane tank bill, and I think some others, oh, yeah, my husbands crown expense at the dentist. So , the budget is stretched way too thin. We’ re off next week to Santa Cruz, so I’m not going to worry about it all till we are back. I’ve got our $5.00 savings, and I’ll bring that. It’ll be depleted but it’s for travel, so that’s what it’s for. 

It’s suppose to be in the 90’s here. What is up with that. 

Today, JKWP has 20 days left. So tomorrow we are under 20. Yeah, us!

so, I’m pretty over my rant about library stuff. Especially since my daughter is applying for a full time job with the library. Of course, who knows what they’re looking for, and I’m sure they already have a good idea of who they want. But, for her sake it would be awesome. 

I never had a full time job and it’s something I wish I had. It was never for lack of trying, but not continuing to try. Also, when I was ready after my daughter turned 9, I was at 41 pregnant and had my son at 42, so, that changed the picture ….Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

Thursday updates

Today is day 344, it’s soon going to be 365!!

went to a friends of the library meeting. I try not to say much since I’m both a friend and work as extra help.  It was a meeting where a very generous donation was made to our friends , and we needed to decide how to spend it. The short version is  it went to something, I think is a waste of money, iPad, kindle and nook, to show patrons how they work. Personally, I’ve never had anyone ask how an iPad works. Yes, how to connect a kindle to our ebooks. So, I think a waste of money when it coulda be used on children’s stuff we actually need. Oh, well, nothing I say really matters, it’s what those in power want.

I felt way better today. Maybe the 9 months on rev is finally taking it’s toll. I need to be careful and know where bathrooms are, but, this was just feeling so fatigued. Like wow, can I get up and do something.

I’m really enjoying my kindle fire. It’s fun to read on as it’s so much smaller than an iPad. Still if you’re in the market, there is nothing like the iPad or I imagine the iPad mini.

I won a Kindle Fire!!!

Geez, I never win anything, so when I got a call on Monday from our dentists office saying I had won their monthly drawing for a Kindle Fire, I was shocked. Wow, is all could say. So, today I’m going in to sign a release, get a picture taken and get my new reader. I use an iPad and am pretty set on it but it might be nice to put my e books on the kindle. I guess I’ll just wait and see. 

Pretty cool!

JKWP update, 22 days to go.

Tuesday stuff!

I got minestrone in the crock pot for dinner, and I’m trying also a Greek lemon soup. That may or may not work out. I had it years ago and loved it but I’m not sure how this will turn out, thus the minestrone back up. Plus the veggie needs a vegetarian soup:)

it was thundery and lightning last night with lots of rain, but it’s beautiful this morning. 

I’m working the afternoon shift which is ok, not my favorite. I’m a get up early girl and then afternoon nap. But my co worker has a meeting. So…

B, is still trying to figure out the Santa Fe ‘s trailer lights. It’s been a PITA. It seems no one is really sure how to do it. What? Isn’t that what you’re paid to do. Hopefully today he’ll figure it out.

everyones off to work or school, so I can read or tidy things up. I’m also having budget meeting with my son, as he is spending way too much money on crap. I set him out a budget for the week, but now he has school fees and a headlight out in the Prius that needs to be fixed. The headlight is extremely expensive(150). We are paying his car registration, so. Also he seems to have gone thru a lot of his savings and that’s really what I want to know , is where did it go.

Our budget is pretty messed up too. Now we have that once a year fire fee due, AAA is due, Costco is due. It seems like a lot at once. 

Well, one foot in front of the other and just keep going.