Rainy Friday !

I walked in the rain this morning. Nobody but me and geese( the Canadian geese have 8 babies). No regulars showed up. 

I’m off to the library this morning hopefully with a better attitude. Maybe it’s just on my week off from rev/ dex, I get cranky. I think it’s the drugs getting out of my system, but tonight it’s back to putting back in. I see my doctor on Monday and hope my blood work is there. 

I just finished a really great book, for those who read. It’s called “Sarah’s Key”. It’s about the French police rounding up the French Jews on July 16 1942. It weaves in present time and then back to that time. Oh, my, it is one of the best books I’ve read. I as many people had no idea about Vel d ‘Hiv ( I have go back and check the spelling. The message is NEVER FORGET!

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