Drugs… Revlimid ,dex, and ?? Oh my!

Just joking! Sometimes it feels like all I do is take pills. But, starting today I’m off rev for 2 weeks, and dex. Mostly due to I don’t see the doctor till the end of the month. Normally I’d have a week off. But then there’s acyclovir for preventing ¬†shingles, Ativan to sleep, vitamins, aspirin, and my BP med, Lisiniprol . My blood pressure has been great since starting this. But then my bottom number started getting a little low. So, I asked my PCD,to drop the HCTZ I was on. So I’ll see if there’s a change in a week and if it goes back up.

Today I’m at the library, then I’m going to come home pick some lettuce for a salad, plant some things, and then make a pesto pizza for dinner. I’m still trying to make the worlds best pizza but alas it’s not happening. But I got the crust right by using the no knead dough. It makes the crust flavorful but I just can’t get the right bottom ( browned ) and top melty. I want to buy that pizza maker called La pizzeria.

it heats up to 600-700 degrees , but then it’s just another kitchen tool I don’t have room for. But if it works it would be so worth it. Anyone have one? Or… I do have a cheap pizza stone but it still doesn’t seem to do the trick.¬†