April showers/snow?

Walked in the rain, nice except cold. And it’s a snow rain mix.

i just put in all of Aprils bills and now it’s on to transferring the money for the taxes. It’s a little hard to see that money go…….. To the government? Yikes. Oh well , next year we won’t be hit with this so, best to just bite the bullet. (What does that mean anyway!)  April is a 3 paycheck month. Not sure that makes a lot of difference but perhaps that will give us a chance to build up our sinking funds. 

In July we will have a bump in income as our health plan costs will go down. I’m planning on putting that over in savings. Then get back to putting my husbands pay increase back in too. So, maybe by July we will start getting back to really saving as all the big stuff will have been done. 

We’re still trying to figure out about buying the Santa Fe . It’s my 15 year old van that pulls our tent trailer, and therein lies the problem. It’s great for me driving back and forth to the library(3 miles), but to go on any trips. It’s a little iffey. Next week is our first camping trip I scheduled to bodega bay. And we will use the van. So it’s 3 1/2 hours away. But I think we will be ok(I hope). We do have AAA, so if anything does go wrong. Also, we know my van needs some major engine work at $1500, but we just don’t want to do it now. 

So back to the Santa Fe, my husbands company basically pays for the car payments but we still need to buy it. That means probably some down payment. He’s driving a 2012 Elantra which is a terrific car. So, what to do? I guess we will see how the trip to the coast goes and then decide.