Off to see the doctor!

It’s Monday, I have my monthly dr’s appt. my blood work should be there, but maybe not the m protein results. B is driving me , then home and then leaving for a sales meeting all week. Fortunately, the weather is suppose to glorious , so I won’t need to start fires, and the house will be warm. We’re expecting temperatures in the 80’s.

I ll update later with results.



good news! My m protein went down a tad. .33. Yeah! They’ll be champagne this week!

we saw Dr l in a different place. It was closer, but I didn’t like it as much. But, it does save driving into downtown Sacramento !

so, I’m happy and will  keep putting up with diarrhea  and dex. He did say I could try lowering the dex to 4 pills, which would be 16 mg a week. I might try it, but I get pretty stuck on if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

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