Raining non stop!


This is quite a rain storm. Fortunately no wind and relatively warm.

I meant to finish this yesterday but dex took over and I did other stuff and then crashed.

I almost finished the bathroom zone, very easy, but I want to clean the vent this morning.

plus I usually cook a lot, so I made pizza dough that proofs in the fridge, an artichoke ,garlic frittata ( new recipe), cut up salad vegies( my new thing now to get it done).

Did some home blessing stuff for today, my husband did laundry, then I rested for a few hours.

The rain kept up yesterday and on our walk we were warm under our new

“Frogg Toggs”, but our feet got soaked. Still we did our 2 miles. imageThese are a great product my husband bought us each a pair for Christmas, I would highly recommend.

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