Not a low spend day!

Ha, no low spend today. but I am counting the last few days of December so, I’m at 5 no spend days. But, today was trader joes , winco, Joanne’s, and finally Costco. 

When I shop like this  I get home and tally my areas, food, non food, wine, cat food, household. Not sure where it all is yet, as I haven’t done it. 

Woke up with my right leg, bothering me, doesn’t seem like a clot or anything, but it’s still bothering me. I don’t remember doing anything unusual yesterday so? Humm , I’ll just have to see how it is tomorrow . 

Everyone is out tonight so I’ll have a salad, and some chicken salad I bought at Costco . Watch some T he Good Wife, and then read.

i still need to call my doctor about my blood work, but I’m too tired to do it today. 

I’ll try and catch up with the house after I rest.