Paper whites

imageSome nice paper whites my daughter started in her new Christmas greenhouse! And our stupid goat who roams free and eats everything. Sunday morning dex!

Cleaned what wasn’t done yesterday by B. most everything was done. I dusted, swiffered, and wiped the bathroom.

Then I made stuffed bell peppers for tomorrow. 3 meat and brown rice ,2 vegie.

Then I made chicken Parmesan for dinner, and they’ll be cheese ravioli for the vegies.

So, now I’m heading on the 2 -3 hour downhill slide with dex. I dont really sleep, (nap), but no energy after the burst and need to rest.

Next week, we’ll be on our way for our mini trip to Santa Barbara. I’m not planning on taking dex, although I will let him( my doctor know). I just need to be semi normal , even though I’ll still be on revlimid. I was trying to figure out how to work it in during the week, but there just isn’t a way. So…. I should get my lab results this week, if they can find them, since my doctor has moved to mercy cancer center in Sacramento . I pretty sure nothing has changed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another increasE. Revlimid seems to have worked its last magic, and I’m figuring, Velcade in the next few months. Thats what we had discussed so…..

its a beautiful day in Northern California .

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