Update on no/ low spend January

ImageSo far, my goals are

1. 10 no spend days. Since today counts, I’ll have 9 more. I think this makes a big difference in the budget.

2. Keep groceries to $500 or less. December was over budget, so I need to do this. I have meals planned and am going to really try and have use pantry and freezer stuff.

3. Save $200 in savings and see if I can add an extra $100 to this. 

4. Submit my LLS insurance reimbursement, and put that money in my $52 week savings.

I think that’s it. We do have some extra bills this month, car tags for $300. I already paid the $200 so just $100 left on that.

we need propane but maybe I can hold off till February? Not sure.

keep tweeting the budget especially the non food items. B and I are going to Santa Barbara but we have 1 night paid for already, and he as some gift cards for food and gas. I will also use some of my $5 savings from 2013. It’s going to be money but it’s already budgeted as extra.


One thought on “Update on no/ low spend January

  1. Great list of goals.. i’m right there with you! I just sent off a couple of claims for our ins. company as well… hoping they don’t dock it for the new year ’cause that would help my savings as well! Good luck this month! 🙂

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