Goals for 2014

I don’t want to put down lofty goals, or unrealistic, so I’m going to keep it fairly simple.

1. Keep walking. I’m on week 29 ,day 194, I think. I’ve walked everyday including rain and this recent ice/ snow. I’m going to be realistic , a walk is a walk, and if it’s only 1/2 a mile then it’s still walking. My backs a little sore from walking on the uneven snow/ ice, so today I’ll take it easy.

2. Save money. We’ve done great with the 401k, only because it’s automatic. But it’s still saving and in a few months the last of the old 401 loan will be paid and then we can add it. I’m thinking to go to 10 % of gross . If we don’t have it in hand it doesn’t get spent. Well never catch up for retirement.  But we are trying to do something at least.

3. Save more money, in our regular savings for sinking funds. This is what gets us, taxes, house ins, etc, repairs. So I’m hoping we can get $5000 in there this year. Of course as some goes in, some will come out for the expenses but still it’s there.

4. This summer I will apply for social security. It’s not much under $300 but since I do live with an incurable disease, I want this as soon as possible. Also, if I can continue to work my little job, that would be a bonus.

5. Keep working. If I have to change treatments to a weekly shot, I’m not sure how this will play out with work. If my numbers go up then for sure I’ll be starting this, probably spring. We’re giving it 2 more cycles to see what’s going on. This is my third time on revlimid and sometimes it just stops working and you need to switch it up. I do tolerate these drugs fairly well, but working? I’m not sure.

6. Continue to declutter till it’s as minimalist as I can get it. I still have some to do in our barn. The house is pretty much done, although I’d still like to change some furniture and streamline things more.

7. Go to Santa Barbara with B.

8. Streamline our budget as much as possible.

I think that’s all I can think of now., oh, keep up with $5 savings challenge, the 52 week savings challenge. And I’ve added the coin one too.

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