Menu planning

I’m working on a new concept for menus. A 12 week menu. So far it’s looking good and it’s on one page and I can scan it too see what I need to buy. Also it will help with left over meals, such as if I have roast chicken on Sunday, I can make chicken pot pie later in the week or chicken tacos or something.

also I’m trying to do themes. so Sunday will be a roast or something like that. Monday will be a pasta night or egg night, think quiche.

tuesday a chicken/ tofu night, Wednesday , some sort of ethnic meal, Italian, Mexican Indian, ? Thursday, crock pot night Friday, pizza or taco night. Saturday, soup, and sandwiche or salad. So I’ll do this for 3 months and then write up a spring menu for 12 weeks. 

I know with my freezer I’ve save money grocery shopping. I think I’m @ $500 so that is so good. Here’s how the week looks now.

sunday: we had beef stew and green chile tamales

monday: quiche with Gruyere and red peppers, onion, maybe some broccoli.

tuesday: chicken stir fry with jasmine rice

wednesday: leftovers or?

thursday : not crock pot as my son will be home, so we will have steak and potatoes 

friday: home made pizza marguerite

saturday: broccoli cheddar soup maybe in bread bowls


I’m excited about even saving more money this money even with Christmas coming up.


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