Sunday updates!

So far so good, I’m off dex so I’ve had a good morning.

already have done some of Mondays home blessing day, and some of the kitchen zone.

Today were off to use a groupon I bought for wine tasting. Should be fun. We will do only this winery although there are a lot in the area.

Today was day 158 walking so were almost at 160,  5 months. It was lit when we got the park. Usually it’s dark. I think I like the dark a little better and then watch it get light.

Today I’m doing a mini thanksgiving. I don’t know why it got in my head but it did and then I thought it could be fun. So a turkey breast is in the oven, mashed potatoes done, I need to pick up some green beans and make stuffing. Very simple.

I’ working on the minimalist game challenge and already am way ahead. Most of it is little junky stuff lying around. but it’s still counts.