Walking 6 months :)

Well, it’s almost official. I thought today was the 6 month mark of walking everyday. It’s day 180, but my husband pointed out at 6 am walking that it really would be day 182 1/2. But heck. I’m counting today! Everyday for 180 days. I love going out in the dark. It’s special and then by the time were done it’s getting light. I’ve had some pain in my muscles on my left chest side, so I’ve been trying not to over do it. I’m always having some issue with something, but if it’s not resolved by the time I see my oncologist next week, I’ll ask for an xray. I don’t think it’s a rib fracture, but I can’t tell sometimes. It feels like muscle pull, but I’ll get it checked out. i just had zometa in October, so I don’t think it s bone related but who knows it ‘s always something. But I’m going to just keep walking!!!

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