Windy day and night!

Our weather is windy, windy and it’s going to be windier tonight . Have I mentioned I have a wind phobia. Well, maybe not a true phobia, but it makes me extremely uncomfortable. That’s because @ 5 years ago in a huge wind storm I watched 2 gigantic ponderosa pines fall. Yes, I did. What are the chances of standing at one window and watch one smash our neighbors RV, and then not 10 minutes later going to another window and watch another tree fall and miss our house and dogs by maybe 8 feet. It was not fun, so hence my phobia.

It’s been a tough week, maybe revlimid is getting harder to take , I don’t know,I’m ┬ájust tired and a little grumpy and sort of distracted.

I’m going over to open the library later and then I’ll stay to my co worker gets back from a meeting. I don’t do evenings . I’m tired and want to just be home with dinner done , wine in hand , and a movie in.

its close. Walking 180 days straight. This weekend. I’m pretty proud of that.