Off again, to Truckee!

Last night was a dinner out, ok. Expensive, but my sister took the bill. Today I guess we will go up to Truckee , ca. It’s about 50 minutes from our house  and at the almost top of the summit. It has some nice shops and a great bagel place.

then I thought we’d stop at the Donner state park. It’s a memorial to the Donner party. I think we did this once before but I can’t remember. So not too long a day. I’m starting to feel run down so I have to be careful as I don’t want to get sick.

I’m off work again today, and tomorrow the library is closed for Veterans Day. 

So, overall, just keep on.

Wednesdays musings and budget updates

So, my sister has been here since Friday. It’s been challenging and once I finally had to say we really can’t talk Obama anything because she goes into a tirade of negative everything. I finally said we really have opposite opinions so let’s not talk about it. 

, We went to see the ray and Charles Eames exhibit I’ve wanted to see forever and it was good , then we had a very fancy lunch at Biba in Sacramento . Very expensive too. So the budget kind of has been hit hard, especially because  I’m  buying extra food and wine , she likes her wine,that I’ve been buying. Oh well, most of this has been cash from my 52 week savings so that’s been hit but not checking. 

Christmas and Hanukkha gifts are almost done. My son wants a new PC or Xbox so that money is set aside. Other than that, I think we’re going to come out around $1200. I had $1000 in Santa so not too bad. But we’ve been spending too much on this and that and I need to get back to this is all there is for that category and stop. We also have our house insurance due next week and that’s $1000. But we put that into sinking when we got the stock option money earlier this year. Little did we know at the time that we can only do that once, we had planned on doing another withdrawal early 2014. The main reason being since I have an incurable cancer we wanted to do some extra things while I can. But, we will just keep going. 

I’ve felt really good this week off rev/ dex, I’m walking one extra round in the park so that’s terrific. I’m also past 5 months, and heading toward the 6 month mark. Pretty exciting……of course now were headed into rainy weather so it’ll be more challenging. But I’m going to do it. ImageThis is a print done by Ray Eames.

Sunday updates!

So far so good, I’m off dex so I’ve had a good morning.

already have done some of Mondays home blessing day, and some of the kitchen zone.

Today were off to use a groupon I bought for wine tasting. Should be fun. We will do only this winery although there are a lot in the area.

Today was day 158 walking so were almost at 160,  5 months. It was lit when we got the park. Usually it’s dark. I think I like the dark a little better and then watch it get light.

Today I’m doing a mini thanksgiving. I don’t know why it got in my head but it did and then I thought it could be fun. So a turkey breast is in the oven, mashed potatoes done, I need to pick up some green beans and make stuffing. Very simple.

I’ working on the minimalist game challenge and already am way ahead. Most of it is little junky stuff lying around. but it’s still counts.

November 2. :(

Well, the nurse called late yesterday. M-protein still at .5

Im disappointed but at least it’s not going up. But is revlimid doing anything? Is it keeping me stable at this number. 

I don’t really know. I guess we all want to see results when we take chemo drugs, but it doesnt always happen. That’s 3 months on revlimid. So I guess well just go forward and see how the next 2 cycles are. 

Depressed but I’ll get over it. 

November 1

Lots going on. I saw Dr. L yesterday, and complained a lot about side effects. But the big news is they’re closing the RAS cancer center in Sacramento. So, he has signed a contract with Mercy cancer center. So, not sure how this will work but I really have no desire to see another oncologist. Yes, I know , he is not a myeloma expert, no I’ve never had a second opinion. So I guess that makes me in a minority. I really don’t know. I’ve had excellant treatment and with everything I read, I sorta know what to keep an eye out for.  So that will be January . I’ll know my m protein next week. It’s hard to know what it’ll be. I can only hope for the best and have some decrease.

So, I’m going to start today the Minimalists challenge, which is to declutter something everyday this month . But it’s not that easy. Day 1 is 1 item, day 2 is 1 item plus 1 , day 3 I item plus 2, and so on. Anyone want to join. I’ve already got a pile of junky stuff. I’ll count them as it’s still stuff to get rid of.


Other big news , my sister arrives today from Connecticut . It’ll be interesting and hopefully fun. I do have a few things planned and I’ll be off drugs,…..