Tuesday incidentals.



So, the update on Target from Sunday. I spent sway too much, but I am going to make a call and say it was my birthday stuff. I have budgeted $100 for birthday, but wasn’t going to use it . But then, I saw a knife I really needed, and some kitchen shears…. So the only real household item was the shoe cubby for my sons room as I’m sick of his shoes everywhere. So that ended up $35, plus I got 2 bins that go into it. Those were $11. So right around $50. I’ll put that in household and try and get by for the month on another $100. Household always adds up here.

Yesterday, was gas in my van for $15.

Today, I’m off  to work and will be a no spend day. Hurray!We had glorious rain yesterday. Kinda weird for California in September, but so welcome. And it was really warm too.

Yesterday started my week 14 walking. Being on a steroid is hard on muscles, you lose muscle mass on dex and I can feel some leg weakness, but I’m determined to keep going.

Well, I’m off to drop food at the food bank, 4 boxes, and then to the library.

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