Day1 of low spend September !

ImageWell, unfortunately we’re not off to a great start. I’m finishing up some trim on the house. And then I have to go in to target for a few things. Then to Home Depot for concrete paint. Theses have already been budgeted, so maybe I can count It in sinking funds instead of today.

Menu for the week

Sunday: chile rellenos

Monday: burgers on the BBQ

tuesday : pasta something

Wednesday: chicken , zucchini fritters

Thursday : black beans in the crock pot

Friday: tacos

Saturday: soup and a salad


Update on my Rev/ dex,

im almost done with my first cycle. It’s gone very well. Dex is dex, what can you do.

this will be my week off. That’s always nice. Won’t know my m- protein till next week.