September low spend update and other things!

So, it’s going okay with the low spending. Monday was just gas in the van,$20. Tuesday was no spend, Wednesday was $5 for cat food.  (Remember we have Tucker who is a diabetic cat and needs food every 4hours. Then also, got cash for groceries , and non food. 

Today we went to Sacramento to see Dr.L, my blood work was all good, so were set for the next round of revlimid. I told him all my complaints, dry mouth, tired, on and on. But overall, it’s ok. I won’t start even till next week, as I have to be here for delivery and that will have to be next Thursday . So I’ll get a little break. I’llImage know about my m- protein next week.

I thought I was getting Zometa today but its next month, so off we went to trader joes, wine, and a few things. Winco, cat food, organic salad. Then costco, for some food, and non food. TP, Lysol wipes. So totals were, non food, $62, food,$60, wine ,including champagne , $30.

so, not too bad. Tomorrow, I work and its a no spend day except for a gift card for a friend who lent us the paint sprayer. I’ll put this in extra, as it is just that.

Heres the front of the house painted. I love the black on the door. 

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