A time for reflection

We lost one of our myeloma heroes this week,Judy M. She was an amazing and inspiring person. She tried so many drugs, but she had high risk myeloma and in the end nothing was working.  I enjoyed her blogs and she will be missed. I send thoughts of peace to her family who were there for her the whole time at the end.

It is a reality check when someone you’ve been following for a while dies. Last year we lost a number of myeloma cyber space friends. It is  a tough wake up call. I feel very lucky to be still here and doing well. It’s not always easy but heck, what’s the alternative. So RIP, Judy….

on other notes, B is putting in our new window today. Should be good. And I’m going to start painting  the window trim. Since tomorrow is a dex day , I’m good till around 1 pm then I crash for a few hours and then @ 4 I start to pick back up.

menu for the week is:

saturday : vegie dogs/ hot dogs, beans , maybe salad

Sunday: chicken with mushrooms and wine, (coq au vin)

Monday: birthday pick?????

Tuesday: spaghetti and meat sauce/ marinara for the vegies

Wednesday: frittata  of some sort

Thursday: broccoli cheddar soup in bread bowls

Friday: tacos