Yikes! What a weird day….

Okay, this was a weird day. We’re up an ready to go on our walk at 6:55, I always grab my iiPhone and small wallet that holds my license and and debit card Etc. But, its not in my larger purse. …..hmmmm ,so I think, it’s probably still in the car. No, not there. I start to feel a little panicky . Ok, let’s walk, and then I’m sure it’s somewhere.  walk, home….. No wallet. You’ve got to be kidding me. Then I think back to the library yesterday, there was a weird guy walking back and forth in front of the desk, to the teen area. At least six times, no it couldnt be. So I drive over to the library look everywhere , thinking maybe it fell out of my purse. No, still no where to be found. Finally 2 hours later I concede, either I lost it, or it was taken by said person in library. I just couldnt believe someone I would come behind the counter and dig in my purse for my wallet. So I call and cancel my debit card, credit card, PayPal and health card.. I’m still tearing thru the house, garbage, the car ,for the hundredth time. At 11:30 ,  the person working calls and says she found my wallet stuffed backed in the teen area. This is where weird guy kept walking to. I am totally stunned, I cannot believe he would come behind the counter and get my wallet out of my purse.

of course, I didn’t see him so what can I say or do….but at least everything was there. I didn’t have any money in there but….

I still just can’t believe it… But from now on not leaving my purse on the back counter, and I’m taking the money box key with me when I shelve. 

Why do people have to be such jerks about this. And I’m writing an incident report up. Not accusing, because I didn’t see anything but, the incident.

Yikes, my adrenaline has been hyped all day. To weird for me and I guess I feel such a let down that someone in our sweet little library would stoop to this.

3 thoughts on “Yikes! What a weird day….

  1. You have enough on your plate. Too bad there are people like that in the world. I can remember three times I left my purse behind, and, lucky for me, they fell into the hands of good honest people..

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