I am not a happy camper!

It’s August 8. Yes that’s 3 weeks from when I saw the doctor, and 3 weeks from when we decided to go back on rev/ dex. Has it happened, NO! I haven’t even gotten a call from Curascript. I am pretty P.O. No, that is not post box. 

I even called the nurse ,left a message. TWICE. 

So as my mprotein continues to go up, I wonder is it time to change where I go, or is it curascript s fault.

i am not a happy camper!


6 thoughts on “I am not a happy camper!

  1. I received a letter from CuraScript date July 2013 indicating CuraScript is changing to a company named ACCREDO in Sept 2013. The say their phone number is the same at 800-870-6419. It says I need to take NO ACTION and the Accredro will will schedule and send the medications, although the packages may look a little different.

    • Thanks, maybe that’s what is the problem. I never had a delay before, and this is my third time on rev.I still haven’t heard back from the nurse and that’s what’s really bugging me.

  2. Whoever…Whatever…having to call the nurse twice regarding such an important issue is a NoNo!…seeing her in person and stating your concerns would be a priority…not sure of her location?do you have time available to do do that?.

    • I’ll be down there this week and am going to tell my doctor. I did get the call Friday, but they didn’t have the new insurance so they’ll call back hopefully Monday. But that means I won’t even start till next Saturday ,as I always wait till the w/e to start. So…

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