Beautiful weather and maybe shingles , AGAIN!

First, I don’t know for sure it’s shingles. But I’m not waiting 3 days to find out. Yesterday in the afternoon I was floating peacefully in the pool, and my upper black started to itch. Ok, bug bite? So, I get out and think well, it’s still burning some. Then by 6 pm , I’m going this is too weird, my skin on my upper back is burning and itching. Hmmmm , my daughter gets home and I ask her to look at my back, she says it looks like a rash, in quarter sizes. No evidence of a bug bite. I take a few Advil ( I know we’re not suppose to with myeloma, but by 9 pm I’m in PAIN! What the ##~~¥¥¥+***! Now I’m trying not to freak, because when I had shingles on my arm last spring, I didn’t even know what they looked like. So , long story short, I called Dr. L right away this am, said I’m not sure but….. So the nurse called back and said, start valacyclovir . 

Even if its not shingles I don’t care, I just don’t want to risk it. It’s 12 noon and its still burning and itching so who knows? Allergic reaction? 


On another note I asked her while she was on the phone about the revlimid and that I hadn’t heard from Curascript. Good thing because she said she called it in on the 24th. So she was going to follow on with a call to them. Not that I’m rushing to start but, I might as well man up to it. Or woman up to it. But at the pharmacy I loaded up on immodium , and Benadryl , as last time both were needed. 

I’m going to to another blog today on The William Morris project from Pancakesandfrenchfries website. Check back.

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