Still no Internet!

ImageWe are still without Internet. We switched to u verse thinking that would solve the problem. No!

my husband changed all the phone wire, No!, so we’ve called for a technician ,which is going to cost $99 to START. WTF, it is driving me crazy. So here I am wifi ING from the library. 😦

I got my new bread baguette pan from Williams Sonoma yesterday , so I can’t wait to try it.

Our dear friend got married yesterday. It was lots of fun! His house is beautiful. I would love to have that much open space, our house always seems a little dumpy after visiting places like that.  Oh well. We have a roof over our head at least.

so were off to Tahoe on Sunday, but it’s suppose to be cooler, maybe a little rain.

Our budget has been completely shot. No zero balance, we even took money from our sinking funds( do not touch), to get camping food. UGhH it has been a tough week!

2 thoughts on “Still no Internet!

  1. I’d go nuts without the internet to be honest… so I feel your pain! 😦 That’s too bad about the budget… but hey, tomorrow is a new day! Onwards & upwards!!

    • Thanks Carla, as I always say, it’s always something. He was suppose to show up by 8 pm, but they just called and can’t make it. So , you’re right, tomorrow is another day. Off to the library, walk, and hope for the best.

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