Sunday night chit chat

Your turn!! 🙂
  • Reading? Finished “the wheat belly” interesting. Reading ” fifty shades freed” pretty much porn but its classified erotica by the library . Not worth reading. 
  • Listening to? The frogs outside starting their spring croaking. 
  • Watching? A funny British show ” spy”
  • Cooking/Baking? My son cooked some lobster, pasta, salad!
  • Happy you accomplished this week? Quite a lot, decluttered some of my Pyrex collection to a friend. Sent my sister my only Roseville pottery vase. And more magazines.
  • Looking forward to next week? Today we are heading to Monterey for 3 days,
  • Thankful for today? It is beautiful outside. I feel good, no medications!
  • *Bonus Question* Fill in the blank: I am by far the biggest ________ snob! Gee, I don’t really know.

Monday morning and a look at the last week

Last week was a good week overall. Walked almost everyday. I have to watch my low back but I still need to move.
WW is going ok. I wish I was dropping the pounds but it seems I’m staying about the same. This week I’m going to start to cut out all wheat. It’s hard to do as I’m a bread girl and I love making bread. But I want to drop the pounds. Also, have some no alcohol days. But I love my glass of wine outside this time of year.

Heading out on an adventure today with B. the ocean is calling
I’m also working on my other blog at christina1952!   christina1952.wordpress.comNot sure how to link them yet or switch one over. I like the look of the other blog better. But most of my posts have been here. Still can’t quite figure out how to keep another persons blog linked. Or do I have to do it each time?

So do have to do that each time?

Monday morning

So it’s earth day and it is beautiful outside. It’s is my first post here I think. Usually I post in my other blog chrismyelomajourney . I’m not sure where or what I want to post here. 

My husband and I are going away today to Monterey . I’m excited to do something different. My daughter is off work for 2 months since she ran out of hours at her library job. It totally sucks but hopefully she can do some productive things like take care if the house while we’re gone. My son has junior college so he’ll be busy. We’re only gone 3 days.

the new chickens and ducks are doing good and the coop is almost done. I’ll try and figure out pictures.