Sunday night chit chat!

Ok!! Your turn! 🙂

Reading? I’m actually re reading “you can buy happiness and its cheap ” by Tammy strobel

Watching.?just finished”the following ” wow , that is scary and so intense.
Listening to? Nothing
Cooking/baking? We had stir fry tofu and chicken!
Happy you accomplished this week? Actually a lot, budget is good, worked 3 days, de cluttered, and that’s it.
Looking forward to next week? Working, going to call an attorney about my student loan mess, grocery shop, and probably more.

Thankful for today? As always, that I feel good. My L 1 was out , inflamed, all week so I didn’t walk much. But it  feels better today, so I’ll walk tomorrow .
*Bonus Question* What is your *ideal* wake up time and what time do you *usually* wake up?
I wake up at 4 am to take my thyroid pill. Then  go back to sleep to around 6am. Then actually get out of bed around 6:30.

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