Sunday night chit chat with Carla and what’s coming up this week!

Ok, your turn!

Reading? Well, I just finished Nature Noir, about a state ranger right here in the auburn ,ca area where we live. It was interesting, not great.
Then also just finished ” raining cat sitters and dogs” , this a really cute mystery series that takes place in Florida. Good characters.
Watching?well, I’m hoping to finish Downton Abbey tonight. So far it’s great but sad.
Listening to? A wood wick candle burning, they crackle.
Cooking/baking? Tonight is Greek pasta salad and grilled chicken.
Happy you accomplished this week?Alot,  worked 3 days, of course I only work 4 hours each shift. Saw my oncologist, cooked every night. Kept the house up and walked 3 times.
Looking forward to next week? Just same old same old, but I’m always grateful for another day.
Thankful for today? Just everything!!!!!!!
*Bonus Question* What is your regular day to day “outfit”?
Usually jeans and a t shirt with a shirt over.

This week not much is going on, I still need to do the menu for the week. I’d like to move over 75 to our Christmas fund , keep looking at budget stuff,as usual.
Hubby is working out of town Wednesday-Friday.
I think that’s it .

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