Weekend to do list

So, the vw  battery was not working right, so it’s figured out for now. I made a deal with my daughter, I’ll pay for the battery, BUT CLEAN YOUR CAR!!!!!
So to do this weekend
*work Saturday
* grocery shop for Easter dinner, I’ve been putting it off
* tidy  house, it’s not too bad
* 1 or 2 loads of laundry
* walk if not to tired
* figure out a reasonable budget for April . Money has been flying out the door since our stock money was deposited. I knew this was going to happen , so initially I’m ok. Bought hiking boots for my son to the tune of $137. But he actually needs shoes , and when he went backpacking last weekend, ended up with really bad blisters.
* cook Easter dinner, Sunday
* menu for week, is almost done.
* work on mini goals for April

 Menu for week so far:
Sunday Easter , ham, southern fried tofu, macaroni salad, some sort of dessert .
Monday, sloppy joes, and griller joes( vegetarian )
Tuesday: chicken pot pies
Wednesday: large salad, pasta
Thursday: crock pot tri tip
Friday: tacos or pizza
Saturday: sandwich Saturday 

Mini goals

Go on our camping vacation alone, to Malibu
Walk more on weekend, push to an hour, hour and a half
Museum, ( didn’t do last month)
New restaurant ( didn’t do last month)

Thinks that it for now, I see my oncologist Wednesday, never fun, and get a zometa treatment, never fun.

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