Tahoe, I love it!

Lake Tahoe is my favorite place on earth . Just spent the last 2 days with my wonderful husband there. This is part of his work territory so the room is essentially free and then we add meals.
It was nice to just get away from it all. Came home to the house pretty cleaned up …
Made a tentative menu for the week
Thursday: grilled chicken/ tofu. And salad
Friday : sloppy joes / tofu griller sloppy joes
Saturday: caprese paninis
Sunday: Easter , ham, southern fried tofu , macaroni salad, cheese cake
Monday: left overs
Tuesday: ?

So I need a few more days ,
My daughters vw continues to be a pain in the ass,with not starting . She doesn’t seem to care and expects us to figure it out.  I’m thinking sell the damn thing. Right now it looks trashed on the inside , so she doesn’t seem t o care about it.

The budget is out of whack still with food , but I plan on getting it straight this weekend.

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