Budget and weekly update

Its been another frustrating week.
No news on the student loan mess, but I’m still so nervous about it. I’ve googled everything about my discharge being changed and can’t find anything. I’ve decided I will see an attorney if necessary.

So , were still waiting on the stock sale money. How long does a piece of mail need, we’re now going on 8 days, wtf!

It was not a good week money wise . I didn’t really spend anything but on food, food food!
Maybe it’s having an 18 year old who need lots of food, and I’m not really being realistic with my food budget. I had to move over another $100 for food, so I have a whopping almost no savings.
That sure is depressing.

This next week is a pay week and a bonus( we think), never sure if he’s getting one. So well be able to replenish the savings, and my 52 week  savings thing.

On an up note, the weather is glorious, 70 degrees. I’m walking not every day but at least every other day and I’m up to 2 miles. On a down note, not weight loss. I’m just stuck, but that maybe because I had an in an out burger last night. So, that explains it…. Ugh! Always something!